BUSNA Helps Fund Fight for Sight Fellowship

Updated: Oct 30

Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America announces a partnership with Fight for Sight, a nonprofit organization based in New York City that has been funding medical research in vision and ophthalmology for over seventy-five years. The focus on this BUSNA-supported 2023 Summer Student Fellowship will pertain to posterior uveitis.

Fight for Sight’s Scientific Review Committee awards grants that focus on eye and vision research. The scientists who apply for these grants are in the early stages of their careers and are not yet eligible for funding from the National Institute of Health. Awards fall into one of three categories:

· Post-Doctoral Fellowships, given to those with a Ph.D., M.D., O.D., Dr. PH or D.V.M.

· Grants-in-Aid, given to Junior Professors in research universities.

· Summer Student Fellowships such as the one funded by BUSNA, awarded to medical students, graduate students and undergraduate students.

Over the years, many of these grants have led to important advances in eye and vision diseases and conditions including genetic research, glaucoma therapies, and donor cornea preservation. The grants have also fostered the early careers of several prominent researchers.

BUSNA welcomes this collaboration with Fight for Sight and its community of vision-focused scientists. Support us as we aim for clearer vision.

Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America (BUSNA) is a volunteer organization comprised of persons diagnosed with Birdshot Uveitis. BUSNA provides information and support for North American birdshot patients and it raises funds for Birdshot Uveitis research. For more information, please visit our website.

Birdies, friends, family and medical professionals

are invited to join our BUSNA community at Join us! | Mysite (busna.org)

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