10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Birdies!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Inflammation is a factor in Birdshot Uveitis, and there are many ways of managing it. Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America (BUSNA) is offering a few ideas for holiday gifts that can help birdies, and others with autoimmune diseases, manage their inflammation.

You may want to pass this list along to their loved ones. Otherwise, treat yourself!

1. Some people with Birdshot have issues with dry eyes, especially in the mornings. Consider gifting a luxurious sleep mask, one with a cushion around the eyes that allows blinking. Chances are their eyes will feel less gritty in the morning, and the darkness will even help them sleep a little sounder and longer! (If shopping online, search for black dry-eye sleep masks.)

2. Indoor air pollution can be a factor in eye irritation. Consider gifting an air cleaner with a HEPA filter. Even using a small air cleaner in a bedroom can make a difference. Also, remember that houseplants help keep indoor air clean!

3. Glare is an issue with Birdshot Uveitis. A new pair of sunglasses might be appreciated.

You can also check out the new optical grade fit-over sunglasses (on right) or the fitted clip-ons that can be attached to certain style of prescription glasses. Many birdies have their own “preferred” sunglass lens color. Cocoons - Professional Grade Polarized Fitover Sunglasses (cocoonseyewear.com) lets you choose your color and style.

4. Computer glare can also be a problem. Online, you can find various glare-reducing screens that fit right over a computer screen. Read the reviews.

5. A cap or hat with a brim can be just the thing to help a birdie enjoy the outdoors!

6. Chronic stress is known to have an effect on intraocular pressure (IOP), which can, in turn, affect various eye conditions. Give the gift of time. Make sure your loved one has a few moments to sit and relax, whether enjoying a favorite pastime or taking up a new one, such as meditation. Regular meditation sessions have been shown to help manage stress.

You can also help them relax with an audio book,

music from their favorite artist, a Meditation CD, or bath products and hydrating body lotions! Visit the Wellness Room on BUSNA’s website to view a few helpful links on meditation and wellness.

7. Help your loved one de-stress with a gift certificate for a yoga class or a massage. Chances are, they’d enjoy just about any spa treatment!

8. How about a basket of healthy snacks? Fill it with walnuts, almonds, avocados, sunflower seeds, berries, peaches and other anti- inflammatory foods.

9. Does your birdie start his/her day with a smoothie? Whether the recipient is a smoothie newbie or a raw food diet devotee, a smoothie blender can be a great gift idea! Consider adding in a smoothie cookbook, or even a cookbook that includes a broader array of healthy recipes.

10.If you still can't decide, there's always a gift certificate to a health food store where they can purchase whatever items they like! Protein powders, nuts, seeds, or anti-inflammatory supplements can contribute to improved health.

Whichever gifts you decide to give this season, your loved one will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness!

BUSNA wishes you and yours

a peaceful and happy holiday season

and a healthy new year!

Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America (BUSNA) is a volunteer organization comprised of persons diagnosed with Birdshot Uveitis. It provides information and support for North American patients and also raises funds for Birdshot Uveitis research.

Birdies, friends, family and medical professionals are invited to join our BUSNA community at Join us! | Mysite (busna.org)

If you'd like to contribute to BUSNA, please visit Make a Contribution | Mysite (busna.org)

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